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The Organic Bug Book

For children of all ages!
Written and Illustrated by Chris Korrow
Lindisfarne Books 2013
44 pages, full color, 10 x 10 inches
$16.95 includes shipping

This is the story of an organic farmer and his bugs, with interesting facts about insects. The Organic Bug Book is an intelligent and entertaining resource for encouraging children to become involved in a garden or to simply help them be more observant about what goes on in their own backyards. In colorful pictures and simple text, Chris Korrow helps children (and adults) better understand the place of BUGS—those small neighbors in our world. He describes and illustrates dozens of insects that are found in everyone’s backyards, explaining what they do and how they are related to us and our gardens. The book also includes a section of tips for organic “pest” control.

Awakening to Nature: Gardening and Nature Observation as a Path of Spiritual Development
By Chris Korrow

NatureBreathe Deep 2008, 108 pages, fully illustrated, black and white, 8 1/2 x 11 over-sized book.
$20.00 includes shipping

As a follow-up to his documentary, Garden Insects, which premiered nationally on PBS, Chris Korrow presents a new book. The book uses examples from nature, family life, gardening and social observation –– through humor, common sense, a quieted mind, and a tweaked perspective –– to show how to cultivate a meditative state and expand our consciousness. Each page is fully illustrated with his original photographic art work.

With global warming on the forefront of our minds, Awakening to Nature offers a solution that begins with the individual. Global warming is not a problem to fix “out there” –– changing who we are is the first step to changing the world around us. Appropriate for study groups, starting points for group discussion or individual contemplative moments.



How-To Booklet Series

30-Square Foot Garden
A How-To Guide

By Chris Korrow
Breathe Deep 2008, 24-page booklet
Nature $5.00 includes shipping

IMAGINE 1 MILLION HOME GARDENS ACROSS THE US! After many years of farming and teaching gardening classes, spurred on by recent news reports of higher food prices, Korrow was inspired to put in writing this easy-to-follow method that would engage people and attract them to the simplicity of growing their own organic food. The booklet details how to turn a small plot of lawn into a garden, which varieties to plant, how much of each and resources where people can learn more. The booklet also explains how much fuel and money can be saved by growing a 30-Square Foot Garden.


A Guide for Observing Nature
By Chris Korrow
Breathe Deep 2008, 24-page booklet
Nature$5.00 includes shipping

Nine easy ways to improve your relationship with nature. Chris Korrow shares nature based practices that awaken our senses, expand our understanding, inform our choices, give us a new vantage point so we can make life decisions in new and creative ways.




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