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Dancing with Thoreau: Nature in our modern world.
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A Film by Chris Korrow
76 minutes
$20 includes shipping

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Dancing with ThoreauDancing with Thoreau is a new documentary with a fresh environmental message. As climate scientists tell us we are heading toward irreversible climate change, many of us do our best to “go green.” Through this film, Chris Korrow articulates a different kind of environmental activism, one where we are “optimized through our encounters with nature” and our lives become more compassionate, successful, balanced, and interesting as a result.

Thoreau noticed our society’s disconnection to nature a century and a half ago and our connection has plummeted since. How can we care for something when we have little or no real connection to it? Journey with the filmmaker as he explores the benefits of a connection with nature, and how and why we, as a Western society, can and should reconnect with our environment.

Featuring: David Suzuki, Richard Louv (author, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder), Jon Young (deep nature connection mentor), a special appearance by HH Dalai Lama, and many other experts. View the trailer and learn more.

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"Thoreau Youself into Nature" T-Shirts
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“If we consciously take on the task
of growing a garden, this, at least in some small way, reconnects us with the power and harmony of creation, not just in the growing of plants, but in all of life. In this connection lies the solution to so many of our 'created' problems, for within a garden, we can easily see the origins of health, abundance and
Chris Korrow
Breathe Deep

Garden Insects

Frost Flowers*
Seen on PBS. 27 minutes

$14.95 includes shipping
* Out of stock - coming soon as a digital download

Chris takes us on a journey into the fascinating phenomenon of Frost Flowers. These spectacular icy “blooms” occur for just a few short days a year, with magnificent displays only occurring every six years or so. We often overlook the artistry that takes place in nature, and this film encourages us to take a closer look at our surroundings with fresh eyes. Thousands of photos along with time-lapse photography and an original score help to illustrate the fact the we are not the only ones who posses the ability of artistic expression. Sometimes it occurs in the most basic of forms, and the more we can recognize this, the more our lives take on that artistic expression. Learn more and view the trailer.

Garden Insects

A Film by Chris Korrow
Garden InsectsAward-winning, seen on PBS
50 minutes

$8.00 plus shipping

The film gives viewers an opportunity to connect with the natural world through something that is upclose and personal—their own gardens.

The film's message: We are not as separate from nature as we might think, there is an entire world that most of us are not aware of. The film profiles insects in twelve categories: ants, aphids, bees & wasps, true bugs, spiders, preying mantis, beetles, moths & butterflies, flies, and grasshoppers offering practical information about insect life cycles set amidst an artistic back drop of colorful flora and fauna of the garden. Learn more.



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