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Awakening to Nature: Gardening and Nature Observation as a Path of Spiritual Development
Breathe Deep 2008
108 pages, fully illustrated, black and white, 8 1/2 x 11 over-sized book
$20.00 plus shipping

Awakening to NatureBy Chris Korrow
As a follow-up to his documentary, Garden Insects, which premiered nationally on PBS, Chris Korrow presents a new book. The book uses examples from nature, family life, gardening and social observation –– through humor, common sense, a quieted mind, and a tweaked perspective –– to show how to cultivate a meditative state and expand our consciousness. Each page is fully illustrated with his original photographic art work.

With global warming on the forefront of our minds, Awakening to Nature offers a solution that begins with the individual. Global warming is not a problem to fix “out there” –– changing who we are is the first step to changing the world around us. Appropriate for study groups, starting points for group discussion or individual contemplative moments.

From the jacket:
“Nature has played a monumental role in the pursuit of enlightenment and our experiences with temporary enlightened states. There are very definite reasons for this, one of the most notable is the fact that the divine is much easier for us to recognized and digest in it’s “natural state” than in our “everyday created lives.”

As a society we have become increasingly detached from the earth, our food sources, and from the inner workings of nature. Yet we constantly have the opportunity to reconnect with the world in a way that is up close and personal — through our own gardens, backyards and neighborhoods. The miraculous is always there, ready to sweep us into her grace, if we can develop our ability to recognize it.

Korrow takes us on a journey into a world we encounter every day, yet have rarely “seen” before, awakening us to the fact that we are not as separate from nature as we might think.”


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