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classesLectures & Workshops with Chris Korrow

Chris is available to travel to your school, library, conference or gathering.
Events can be tailored for children or adults. Chris uses his expertise as a nature photographer and filmmaker, his many years as a farmer and gardener, and his keen sense of nature observation, contemplation and meditation to articulate and illustrate peaceful, positive development in the human condition, society and the environment through practical examples found in nature.

Contact Chris at 360-221-0430 or email

Presentations include:
• Show “Garden Insects” followed by Q & A with the filmmaker
• Approximate hour-long lecture with the 26 minute film
• Day long classes and gardening workshops

Suggested Workshop Topics:

classesGreen Living = Creative Living
How can we create a Green Lifestyle for ourselves/our family in this society? All of a sudden it’s trendy to be green. Why? Because it simply makes sense. Alternative lifestyles used to be viewed as a more difficult lifestyle choice, but as our society begins to understand the value of an alternative lifestyle, we begin to see that “Green” simply means less bills, more time, better health and being less influenced by a fluctuating economy.

Perception vs Knowledge
It is the information age. We have a thirst for knowledge, but our quest for knowledge is stunted by what we already accept as truth, so knowledge comes to us slowly. When we change our perception of a subject, a vast amount of new information almost magically floods into our life. “The earth is flat” is relevant as a metaphor to illustrate the way that we still limit our view of life. Understanding that the earth was round brought on a flood of new possibilities, and changed the way we think about exploration, our place in the universe, science and religion.

Gardening as a Pathway to Understanding Nature
An organic/biodynamic garden is a miniature ecosystem in which the gardener strives to mimic the workings of nature. Gardens vary greatly from location to location, and understanding your specific plot will give you insight as to the best way to deal with its uniqueness. These simple concepts are also a great aid in teaching children about gardening, biodiversity, soil science, the environment and even climate change.
This workshop will begin with the showing of a short version of Chris’ PBS film, Garden Insects.

Our Senses
Awareness is usually associated with knowledge, but in fact, the thinking mind dulls our senses. When we are able to heighten our senses, the mind joyfully revels in the vastness and wonder of the world we live in. In this workshop we’ll learn different techniques to heighten our senses, to bring us the most of our experience in nature.

See What Happens
One of the aspects that makes life exciting is the fact we can never be sure of what’s going to happen. In recognition of this aspect of life and nature, this will be an open workshop in which we will create as we go. This will be a chance for the participants to explore the difference between being prepared, and being prepared for anything.

We Are Not as Separate from Nature as We Might Think
If you have a backyard, chances are there is more happening than you could have imagined! What is biodiversity? How does it work? 
We will explore examples of biodiversity that both kids and adults can really understand though a vignette of several subjects: water, soil, plant kingdom, animals and insects, tying these subjects together and delving into those the participants are most interested in.


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