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Chris and Christy Korrow
Chris Korrow
is a naturalist, farmer, photographer, filmmaker and author. Korrow's documentary Garden Insects premiered nationwide on PBS and was seen by an estimated 2.5 million viewers. Winner of two film festival awards, Garden Insects was filmed in Korrow’s backyard garden. Korrow has conducted environmental-based professional development for school teachers, and is frequently invited to give lectures and presentations at conferences, environmental meetings, public libraries and to spiritual organizations.

Christy Korrow is the editor of LILIPOH, an independently-owned holistic health and spirituality magazine. In addition to authoring numerous articles for LILIPOH, her articles on organic agriculture and food have appeared in various publications including Acres USA, Biodynamics, Applied Biodynamics, Harvest, and the UK based living food lifestyles magazine, Funky Raw.

For over 20 years the Korrows lived on a rural Kentucky farm in a solar powered home and ran an organic vegetable business. They lived a sustainable lifestyle, growing most of their own food, with no phone, no electricity and no hot running water. They are now based on Whidbey Island, Washington, living right in town, within walking distance of the community garden and the sea. Together they have launched Breathe Deep Productions, a media company centering on projects that explore the intersections between nature, agriculture, and spirituality.

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“If we consciously take on the
task of growing a garden, this,
at least in some small way,
reconnects us with the power and harmony of creation, not just in
the growing of plants, but in
all of life. In this connection
lies the solution to so many
of our 'created' problems, for
within a garden, we can easily
see the origins of health,
abundance and sustainability.” 
Chris Korrow



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